You need passion for many things. You probably see many LED tube solutions. But are these products all made with passion? Do all these “supertubes,” as they are all called, fulfil security standards, are they compatible with all electronic ballasts and still very efficient? We’re not very sure.

These and several other good reasons made us design and build LED electronic ballast match tubes for T5 and T8, as good, reliable and efficient, easy to install LED tubes. Therefore we put in a lot of effort. We used the most efficient and innovative components possible, for example the Nichia LED Chip with around 200lm/W and an efficient diffuser with an efficiency of 88%. Additional great technical features include: built-in converter in instead of ballast (usage of external driver) and removable and possible customization of end-caps. Also we used enough good aluminium to absorb the heat of the tubes and spent a lot on certification costs.

This all for LED tubes. Why did we put in so much effort? Simply to provide our customer the most efficient and simplest LED solutions possible, such as energy savings of over 70% without a big investment or installation cost. One other major benefit our customer gets is the fact that with our converter technology, the external existing ballast will not decrease their lifetime due to the converter. And yes, the efficiency matters. Please make a ROI (return on invest) calculation with our 20W compared to other 27W solutions. All aspects matters.

Why such a high compatibility? Well, our end-cap design is very unique. For all special requirements or electronic ballast drivers we can provide a solution. In total we have these four standards:

Our Tubes